Commitment to  environmental issues has led  JOYCUT to participate in many sustainability green projects and campaigns. From recording the anthem Clean Planet, composed as a testament to Mother Nature's rights, to recording  at studios completely powered by solar panels, JOYCUT recycle and up-cycle all sorts of materials and machines as part of its setup. “We use only mater-bi and biophan for the packaging, and water based inks and vegetable glues for printing”. JOYCUT works towards reducing its environmental impact as much as possible.

Nature has always been at the heart of our philosophy, because it inspires us conceptually during our musical research and exploration, as well as allowing us to innovate.

It's been a real eye-opener for us, after such a long time, to discover that innovation can also come from nature: nature, although it is pastoral and fierce, doesn't just stand there watching us and is also capable of interacting and even  becoming technology”.